Our story

Since 1908 at your side

Ours is a story to tell as a journey through time through the windows of a familiar passion for fashion.

Since 1908 style narrators

Once upon a time there was a hatter who had learned the trade from the best hatter in the world: Giuseppe Borsalino. One day he decided with little money and many hopes to open his own laboratory, with an adjoining shop.

His wife Antoinette sold hats in the store and he traveled around Italy with a large trunk full of samples.
He was my great-grandfather, his name was Giovanni Ferrari.
This is how our story began...

Ferrari 1908 Negozio Storico

Tradition is renewed and worn by Ferrari 1908

Ferrari 1908 Alessandria

In a corner of the city

Our first office was in Via Milano 27, on the corner with Piazza Santo Stefano. In 1924 his grandfather Vittorio, born in 1907, joined his parents and in 1931 he married Cristina, giving the company a new, valid collaborator. An announcement in our possession published that year read...

"Sells men's and women's hats of their own production and of the best national houses, works on commission and repairs"

A recovery of style in the center of the city

In 1947, in the wake of the post-war industrial recovery, we moved to a more central street, via Migliara. The sale of hats was accompanied by clothing lines.
After only five years in 1952, we moved to the headquarters of the historic company Lingua, in Via dei Martiri, the most renowned clothing store in the city. Expanding the commercial offer, our entrepreneurial spirit grows historically along with the quality of fashion proposals.

Ferrari 1908 Negozio

Ferrari becomes one of the first "modern" stores in the city.

Ferrari 1908 Moda

New fashion spaces

With the passing of time, the business is increasingly being handed over to Giancarlo and his wife Giacinta, who expand the spaces dedicated to Alessandrini's fashion and not. The floods of 1994 damage the acquired premises which are restructured giving the store its current dimensions.
It is 2010, we acquire Uberto, the branch of quality underwear enters our Ferrari history. In 2018, the outlet previously opened on a temporary basis in Corso Roma, finds its definitive location in via San Lorenzo 23, on the corner with via Piacenza.

Fashion finds space in a timeless entrepreneurial story.

The art of dressing

It is in the course of time that family strength proves to be capable of widening range and space without neglecting details, the art of knowing how to dress has not dissolved but has been amplified within the city walls.
The knowledge of the fabrics, the wearability of the garments merges with the collaboration of fashion houses chosen for our customers.
This is where the success of Ferrari 1908 comes from.

Ferrari 1908 Shop